Natural and Chemical free products are the new jargon of 2021. In simple terms, beauty is all about using safe and non-toxic products.

WIC family natural products are popular and come with effective formulation, and have high-quality ingredients. 

We understand the harmful effects of using chemical products in our daily life. Also, many beauticians have warned of the side effects of using chemical products for a long time.  Frequent exposure to harmful chemicals will lead to different results from what you are expecting. Sometimes lead to skin cancer and rashes.  Synthetic colors, fragrance, dyes, perfumes, etc., are common ingredients of chemical-based products, most of which can adversely affect your body.   

Beauty is now moving towards natural beauty, and by offering environmentally friendly products, the WIC family is the center of attraction in Canada.  Canada is the land of innovation, and the WIC family has technology and expertise in making these natural care products.  We claim to be the first organization in Canada that has made natural products.  We have a very highly qualified team of scientists who check and test products from raw material to finished goods.  The products are unadulterated, natural, and seasonal. Some of the products have ingredients that are procured from the hilly areas of Canada. We are associated with many forest communities and farmers to procure natural raw material.

After all this exercise we offer affordable natural products to our customers. Earlier, we started with only two to three natural products, but we have come up with diversified budget-friendly products due to high demand. The stunning products catalog is available on our mobile-friendly website designed by our experts. Our products catalog gets change frequently. Most of the products are sold very fast as they are exclusively available only on our website.

 We are the top-notch producers in selling natural products for many years that always uplifts our motto to serve the best from our competitors. 

We believe in after-sale sale service and have a strong customer care support team. If you are looking for more information about the products, feel free to inquire about the same.

Thank You!