How bad is Wix for SEO

If you are thinking of building a website, then you have to learn the basics, but there are various websites that allow you to make your own website even if you don’t know the basics. is such a website that allows you to built your own website very easily without knowing the basics. Some other examples of these kinds of websites are IM creator, Weebly, Squarespace, etc.

There is a Wix SEO tools that actually help you to have your on-page SEO correct.

Many times you have heard about the bad SEO of the Wix, so here we will see what the things that are leading to the conclusion of the bad SEO of the Wix and what are the problems with Wix during the previous times that led us to think like this are-

URL problem

The URL problem is the major problem with the Wix. But what is the real problem with the URL? Actually, you will get a very irrelevant URL that will not look good. You will get the URL structure like address. You should think if you are planning to put this URL on any card or any other place, then it will not look good at all. However, if you are a paying user, then you will get the domain more likely of your choice.

The blog problem

The blog problem was also a great disaster in the Wix. In the year 2016, this blog problem was also removed. So what was the actual problem? Actually, in that, even title tags were not optimized.

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Flash Technology

The flash technology is actually very bad for the SEO, and during previous times Wix actually used the flash Technology.

The site speed

They have also have a very slow speed. Now the speed of the website is also used as a factor to determine the top websites by Google, so the website speed also plays a very important role, and Wix websites lack this.

Not supporting the 301 redirects.

The Wix websites that are free don’t support the 301 redirects. This major and serious drawback requires to come in concern definitely. 

Crawl issue of the website

For the users of the site, this issue is also very serious. In this, the users are not allowed to edit the robot.txt files.

The template problem

You are not allowed to make major changes in the template after selecting it. After losing all the information and contents, then only you are allowed to make any change in the template or make a new template.