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Best Google Alternative for Privacy (Better than Duckduckgo)

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Best Services, News | 0 comments

Best Google Alternative for Privacy (Better than Duckduckgo)

In 2021 lot of Search Engines will claim they are ”The Best Private” Browser of the galaxy. But unfortunately, most of them will display ADS, or Intensive Pop-up or worse sell the browsing data and your search queries on the black market. Is Simple nowadays mostly all businesses don’t care about lie to people they are ready to claim everything just to get your money. Just have a look at the Last CD Projekt Red Scam With the game cyberpunk2077 they literally attempt to scam millions of gamers and they are a big business. So imagine what some small businesses can do on the internet?  

In 2021 privacy on internet is more important than ever, that why you want to enjoy internet search without getting tracked or targeted with aggressive advertising

Well i have a good news for you! here the Best Web Browser for your Privacy in 2021

Best Google Alternative for Privacy (Better than Duckduckgo)

Best Google Alternative for Privacy (Better than Duckduckgo)

Octurus is a new search engine owned by a Millionaire that care about privacy and we can assure you this is a 100% Private Search Engine that not share or keep ANY of your search queries, IP address or any information about your search!

The owner have no interest for money as is already millionaire and they’re no advertising on this site, forget your Adblock on Octurus you don’t need it!

If you looking for the perfect 100% Free Google Alternative for Privacy please have a look at Octurus.

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