October 26, 2020

Buy a Gaming PC Case in Vancouver | Computer high-end Case

Dear Gamers!

Gaming PC Case in Vancouver

We are Ludacase and we are a locally owned gaming case company. We are on a mission to bring high quality gaming towers to all of those who won’t settle for the norm. Our journey began in Vancouver, B.C., in April 2020. Being computer enthusiasts, we wanted to build a few high end computers so that we can get through the quarantine playing AAA games. We had all the parts in place and when we were looking for a case to host all of the parts we were left dumbfounded. The ones that were in stock were either low quality or just straight up did not have that eye pleasing looking, while the nice ones were totally out of stock and were not easily attainable. This is why we are here, we believe everyone should be entitled to something nice during this hard time. We are partnered up with many professional PC builders so that we can reliability provide decent cases to our fellow gamers in Vancouver.
A little about ourselves, we are two gamers who are passionate about building PCs. As entrepreneurs, We love challenges and we definitely love to add value to what we do. We will be branding our own cases in the near future (probably early 2021), and hopefully the brand “Ludacase” will be a name that people remember. To look back on the short journey that we have travelled thus far, it is a very lucky ride - knock on wood - I’d love to thank everyone for the support and we will definitely continue the high quality of customer service and product for many years to come.
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From a gamer to another,

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