Easy SEO Guide for Beginners

What is SEO? An Easy SEO Guide for Beginners with 12 SEO Tips

When you’re looking for something on Google or on any Search Engine[wiki] such YahooBingSamsungOperaSafari[appleyou type a keyword, a sentence or a Question, Right?


After hitting the Search Button, you can see a page full of Results.

As you will notice that everytime the results appeared, there is always another results typically appear above the results that you searched. It is called a  PAID Advertising or (PPC for Pay per Click).

Marketers often use misleading practice on those paid advertising and sometime some advertising can directly lead you to a Scamming or Phishing website.

It is very easy to Make your Site Appear in this Section it will take only few minutes and your ads will show up randomly. 

You can check this if you want do it yourself, you will need a credit card and a budget between $20 and $1000 per day. If you want us to do it for you, you can request a QuoteContact us or Message us via the Live Chat

NOTE: People from 20 to 50 year old are very aware of the poor quality of those link and they will more likely skip them, unless they are sure about the website.

SEO Expert Canada

Google My Business (GMB)

After the Paid Section follow the Google MAP Listing. Any Business can have a Free Listing on this link or if you are on a mobile device you can install the Google my Business App .(see note)

If you own a Services Business for example:

  • Moving Company
  • Dental office,
  • Car Repair Shop
  • , Lawyers office,
  • Towing

or any Kinds or Types of Services or Business, this is how you will get the most of your phone call. If you are in the top 3 in the Map Block  when a user Search for a services in his area.

For Services or  Business, this Listing is More important than be #1 in Organic Results. If someone for example need a towing, they will google ”Towing in Vancouver” and Mostly call 1 of the 3 ads in the map listing! 

NOTE: You Will need a Valid Address to Confirm your listing because Google will send you a Code Via Mail.

If is it too complicated for you we can do it for you. We will charge only $50 , more for details about Google My Business please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business (GMB)

Organic Results

his is where the open Competition start! It is Free for everyone to have a chance for there website to be on the top of Organic Results, but beware! depending your industry / market it can be extremely long and Expensive thing to do.

If your site has a few organic results in Google, it  will bring you visitor, money and successful outcome! This is Our Specialty at SEO Expert Canada. You can count on Us to Bring your Site in the first 10 Results of Google. 

Don’t just believe my word check our real Customer Results!

Ok, Now how long does it take to be in the top 10 of Google?

This is the 1 million dollar question, in fact we cannot guarantee you the answer, unless you contact us. To be able to have a better answer you will need to fill up on  our free estimate and with the information you will provide, we will be able to give you a more accurate answer.

Don’t Leave now! Keep Reading! 

Here’s how it work, let’s say you live in Dawson City, Yukon and one day you wake up that you want to start a Interior Mini Golf, and you want to create a website. 

How long it will take to people to find your website when they type on Google “Mini golf in Dawson city”?  

The answer is it may take only few hours, maximum few day to be #1 on the top of Google in Dawson City. Why? is Simple ! you are probably the only  Mini Golf Business in Dawson City! You will not need any SEO or anything . 

Now if we do the same exercise but you are in Vancouver, and you decide to Launch a Computer Repair Business! How long it will take to make your website appear in the top  10 Result of Google? 

It can be very long! why ? because hundreds of people had the same idea since the last 20 years. There are plenty of  Computer repair shop and most of them have a websites. 

Some of those business also have people work in their SEO, and maybe since long time. 

With a budget of $400 per month it can take 1 year or more to be on the First page of Google with a Keyword such ”Vancouver computer repair”

Bigger budget will make the thing happen faster, but it can still take 6 months or more. 

Why is So hard to appear on first page?

A perfect example is the Cannabis online dispensary.  Since the last 2 years we receive every single day at least 1 Quote request or Call from someone who wants to open a Cannabis online Dispensary. ( we reject all illegal inquiry, you need to own a valid license to operate online. SEO Expert Canada will Help you) 

Just this Years over 10,000 domain name that contain cannabis, Weed, Green or Grass where registered in Canada only!

It seems that every one wants to have a cannabis online dispensary nowadays..

So, for example only 1000 people have a license for the websites, they all want to rank in the first page of google with the exact same keyword ” Buy Weed Online”  or “Buy cannabis in Canada” etc..   That mean if I want to start my own dispensary tomorrow morning in Canada, I will need somehow to do better than 990 of them if I want to be in the top 10 of Google.  And on top of this you need to know also that there are large number of people trying to rank for the same keyword. As far as I know Google make it Harder to rank with this Search Term. (source)

How Google Decide what site to put in the top 10?

Google use an algorithms that scan thousands of different thing on every website and  rank the website that have the Best score according to their data. The problem, is no one know how it really work and what exactly Google Check in Details, they provide a wide range of Guidelines to help the web master, but  even with this it remain lot of grey zone. 

Here are some Examples of Data that Google use to make it’s ranking. 

  • The Quality of the Content ( more than before since the May 2020 Core Update)
  • The Trust of the Domain ( if popular website link to your site)
  • The Quality of the Code  ( HTML, PHP, )
  • How Easy is your site for a user
  • If your site is Secure or Not  ( HTTPS://)
  • If your Content is Original or is just a Copy of another website
  • Speed of website, site need to load quickly for the user.

These are just few example of thing that Google seems to consider for the website will rank in 2020. You will see later that some stuff like the site speed not seem to be super important, and spending hours and hours trying to get the perfect Score for the speed is a big , big waste of time!

Can i do the SEO of my Site by Myself?

Yes, you can! and if you keep reading we will Show you the Basic! If you are in a low competition Market by just doing these Basic tasks on your site it will probably Bring you on the Google first page, and if you are in a more competitive area this will just help your site to rank better. 

The Screen we used is from WordPress but, you can do all this in Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, or other popular website Builder.

Can i do the SEO of my Site by Myself?

#1- The Domain name

After working over 15 years in SEO, we notice that when the keyword is include in the domain name it will be easier to rank. Example Whiterockmoving.com will be faster and easier to rank than Bigjoemoving.com if you want rank with “White Rock Moving” 

We also recommend, that you choose a Short Name that not contain any special character – or number.

 Bad domain name example;

  • whiterock-4-move.com 
  • white-rock-moving.com
  • whiterock-movers.com

Use a – only if you have no other option.

If you do business in Canada go in order with;

  1. .ca
  2. .com
  3. .co
  4. .net

we do not recommend any other domain extension. Avoid Free Domain like .xyz or other awkward stuff 

#2- Choose a Good Hosting

Having a Good hosting is Very important for SEO. You need to choose a Hosting where you can have a real cPanel Access where you can have access to a file explorer and different important option quickly without contact any tech support.

Your Hosting Should have;

  • 24/7 Live Chat support
  • FREE SSL Certificate ( GoDaddy Charge for this! ) 
  • You need a Real Hosting with your own cPanel 
  • Hosting must have LiteSpeed Cache
  • Hosting Must Have Imunify360

We recommend;

We Do Not Recommend GoDaddy

NOTE: At SEO Expert Canada we have High End hosting Solutions, we offer 100% free hosting to all our customer.

#3- The Content

This is one of the most important thing in 2020. Since over 10 years Google warn everyone that a Site with scraped content from other site will not rank high in search results ( Example if you use mostly copy paste text from a competitor on your own website) But so far, many SEO Expert still was able to rank site pretty easily using mainly content copy pasted from internet without difficulty. In 2019 and 2020 the game as changed with few major Google core update. To rank high nowadays you will in most of case need quality original content for your website.

If you can provide your own content yourself perfect! otherwise you will be forced to paid extra money to get content. 

Price for content  for a 1000 words article are ranging from $10 to $1000 according to the quality. [source]

Avoid Cheap Off-Shore Self-Proclaimed ”Content Writer” on Social Media or Craigslist.

Most of them will only copy paste content from a existing website and use a Article Spinner, and pass all the Free plagiarism checker tools. But fail miserably with professional Plagiarist checker tools such for example Grammarly.

Keep in mind, the best person to write about your business or your services is you!

#4- The Images

Do not just stole images from Google for your Website!. This can only lead to copyright strike from a competitor or worst a google penalty!

The #1 choice for SEO, is your use your own image, (pictures of your business, staff, event ect. Google love to see original picture on a website. 

If you don’t have the possibility of having your own picture here few website where you can get free stock picture for your website. 

#5- Install a SEO Plugin

If you have a WordPress website installing a SEO plugin it will make your life easy.

A SEO plugin will not make your site rank first page automatically , but it will help you to fill-up important field and will provide on-page recommendation 

SEO plugins we Recommend

How install a WordPress plugin

#5- Install a SEO Plugin

#5- Install a SEO Plugin

#6- Keyword in sub-pages URL

If you create different page for your services or products you should include a keyword in your sub-page URL you will have better chance to rank high.


If your site is Whiterockmoving.com, and you offer piano moving services, Create a sub-page with your piano moving services information and name the page “piano-moving”

The full URL will be whiterockmoving.com/piano-moving and your chance to rank in first page for Piano moving in White Rock will be a lot better!

#7- Insert keyword tag

If you Build your website, in WordPress, Wix or any site builder you probably noticed you choose  different option for Text or title such <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, and <h6>. 


Those ”tags” are called “header Tags”. and is for tell to the search engine what Sentence or keyword are more important on your page.

It is recommended to have only 1 x <h1> per page on your website this <h1> must include your targeted keyword or a synonym.

Is also appear site are know to rank better if you have your targeted keyword in few other <h> tag all across your site.

Scan your Header tag here

NOTE: A website can rank first page even with 0 <h> or multiple <h1>.  But this is not recommended by the SEO community.

#8- Page title and description tags

This part is very crucial and will make the difference in your ranking success. 

Despite if you are Using a WordPress plugin, Wix, Weebly somewhere you will have the option to fill-up the meta Title  and Description on every page and Make sure your targeted keyword is there!

Instruction for popular web builder.

#9- Create a sitemap

A site map is a small file that will help the search engine such Google to know better about your website. If you use WordPress your SEO plugin it will create a sitemap automatically 

Mostly any site builder like Weebly, Wix and Squarepace will also create a site map automatically you can in most of the situation view your site map by adding sitemap.xml or  sitemap_index.xml to your URL example;



The Speed on the website open a whole can of worms, Many SEO guy and SEO Agency will spend Hours, and Hours try to hit the perfect score on popular site-speed services

I’ve been working in SEO for a long time,  if you want a good advise Just make sure your site load between 4 to 6 seconds that’s it , don’t waste important time trying to get a A or a 100% score on those tools is a BIG WASTE OF TIME! 

At SEO Expert Canada, we analysis thousand of website, and despite Everyone claim Speed is important to rank on Google first page we claim high and loud that is a fake news! Speed is important for Conversion, and for the User Experience but don’t spend time trying to have a website loading in 1 second. Use your time to create quality content instead! .

Here is a test we did with 2 high Competition Keyword ”buy weed online’‘ and ”buy car”  here the top 10 and top 5 results on page 1 of Google, check the score they have on GtmetrixGoogle page Speed, and Pingdom.  You can do try this with any keyword ,you will end up with the same conclusion trying to get the perfect speed score is a big waste of time! 

cannabismo.orgC 76% 5 Sec58A954215k
herbapproach.com/B 83%12.9 Sec512A9369525k
buymyweedonline.com/E 57%13.3 sec511D63253k
bccannabisstores.comA (100%)3sec2360A975623k
greensociety.ioA 90%12 sec1439B822822k
buyweed247.comE 57%7.5sec531D6515548
budexpressnow.net/A 90%6 sec3376D64403k
bcbudsmedical.comD 60%12.5 sec924D6526795
getkush.ioA 90%5.8 Sec2162C76353k
taleoftwostrains.caC 71% 5 Sec1328D6927798
Buy car
autotrader.ca/D 60%6 Sec1444D64764m
cashforcars-bc.comB 88%3.5sec933A642.444
ca.cargurus.comC 77%4.1 sec2876D69776m
carpages.ca/B 82%3.5 Sec4986C747290k
kijiji.caF 31%13.2 sec1968b81818m
destinationauto.caD 67%6.3 Sec829A9921663

#11- Google Search Console

If you followed every steps, your site will probably ready to be indexed or Re-indexed in Google. If is it your first time you will need a Gmail email address to be able to login into the Google Search Console 

We can do all those for you contact us today to start a SEO Plan and Boost your Website on Multiple search Engine

Call 604-217-3974 in your are in the Vancouver area!

#12- Wait for the result

If you followed those 12 SEO Step, you may see a great improvement in your ranking shortly. 

Here are a few tools you can use to track your keyword ranking and see if you some keyword are doing well

If you use an iPhone the best tools is  by far SEO Edge

If your using an Android phone the Best one is SEO SERP mojo

On Computer is not easy to find a Good Affordable but, here a few sites we recommend