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Website owners are always eager and curious to know the value and demand of their websites. To get the web pages traffic value of a website in a statistical form. Alexa Rank checker makes it easy for everyone. It is the tool that operates by analyzing the visitor's behavior on the websites. It checks the number of web pages views on a particular website, the average time spent by the visitor on the site, frequency of the visit, and the visit obtained on the site through various search engine results. In the space provided above enter the domain name of the website and after submitting the button it gives various parameters like the global rank of the website. It also gives the regional ranking and popularity of the website in a particular country involved in it. The curves of the graphical presentation show the increment and decrement of the traffic in a certain period and the second graph provides information about the visit and traffic obtained by the search engine results. Alexa Rank checker is simple and easy to use. We highly appreciate it if you check your websites rank regularly by our free SEO tools.