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The word that lingers in the mind of every SEO expert is Backlinking on a website. The algorithms of every search engine like Goggle, Yahoo, and Bing are designed in such a way that it uplifts those websites which have as many backlinks it can have. A backlink is a way to get traffic to your website. When other website owners give the hyperlink in their web pages by which when clicked on that link it gets redirect to your website and it increases the overall traffic, lead, and sales. By Backlink Maker SEO tool you can check your website's true picture by entering the URL name or the domain name and clicking the Submit button. It will result in the number of backlinks referred to on your website.  This tool also offers to get the backlinks referral information available to your competitor's website. So you can point out where you are lacking to rank number one.  Eventually, you can introspect where your website stands and what necessary action you can take to get maximum backlinks by defeating your competitors. Enter the domain name in the space provided above and get any website backlink result by Backlink Maker.