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About Broken Links Finder

Another amazing tool used for search engine optimization by SEO experts to check and find if any broken or dead link is there on your website. Broken links are the non-operative links present on the website. It can be external and internal or both. It can be understood as if the user clicks on the particular link on the website and it gives an error message of page not found, page removed, page deleted or moved, etc. It gives a bad impression to the visitors and customers. Also, Google's and other search engine's algorithms find broken links unfit to be rank on top. It is the most important parameter taken for website ranking. Website owners must regularly check their website's link on the free tool offered by our SEO expert. To use this tool enter the URL of the website on the space provided and enter the submit button. It will display both broken external and internal backlinks if found. If broken links found on your website you can locate and repair it immediately. By this, it increases the credibility and authenticity of the website among users and search engine result page.