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A domain name is the identification address in the world of the Internet. It is used by peoples from all walks of the world to find and identify different entities ' websites digitally. It is an alphabetical term to recognize various computers attached to the internet. Domain age checker tool is simply to let you know how old is the domain, when it is registered on the internet, from how long it is working and giving its service. It is created to get full details of the domain. Apart from telling the age of domain this tool also provides when was the domain was created. It also displays the last updated date of the domain and when it is going to expire. All the above attributes of the domain are available in a single click. It is a very useful tool if anyone is looking to purchase an old domain. Also one can easily analyze the competitor's domain details. It is advised that the old domain has more priority than a newer one in Google's search operation results. Check it out by our free SEO tool of the domain and find related information by entering the domain name or the URL address in the space provided above.