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About Domain Authority Checker

High incompetence among various websites on the internet today, brings us a need for a rating system known as Domain Authority. Domain Authority is an outcome that indicates the reliability, strength, and relevance of any website.

Technically Domain Authority uses data from link explorer and uses multiple calculations. It is a logarithmic scale ranging from 1 to 100 that forecasts about the rank of a website on Search engine result pages (SERP's). The higher the number on the scale, the higher is the Domain Authority of the website. We can say that DA is a comparative meter that can be used to monitor your competitor's rank and thus can help you to maintain or score high in the SERP'S. To use this tool enter the links on space provided above and click the submit button within few seconds it will provide the result. If you are willing to be a smart marketer then you must monitor your website's Authority. Domain Authority Checker helps you to improve your website authority and thus can increase the rank of the website. With this tool, you can do effective SEO and can find who is in your website's competition to maintain the position of your brand in the market.