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Domain names are the alphabetical address given to websites. By having the address name in the English language it is easy to remember and save. Each domain has a unique and different IP address. There are many different methods to get the IP address of domains. But Domain into the IP SEO tool is very reliable and simple. To use it doesn't require any technical coding. It is easy to copy past the domain name or type the address in the Space provided below Enter the URL and submit the button. After doing the scanning process it will give the following results ie. the web hosting service provider, Country associated, and IP address in numerical form. The information is used to analyze the web hosting service of the competitor's website. Hosting is the services through which websites are displayed over the internet and it is a place where websites' data, photos, and contents are stored. Hosting has a crucial role in ranking. Google uplifts the website's ranking that loads instantly. If you see that a particular website is ranking higher and the reason one of them may be hosting. So it will help you to decide either to changes the hosting from your present service provider or continue using it.