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Starting from creating a website, making it popular with organic traffic is one of the crucial tasks for every website owner. Not just crucial, it is of paramount importance to get your website indexed by Google. You can use Google Index Checker to know the status of your website. This tool will help you know how many pages Google has indexed by simply entering the URL. Knowing the number of pages indexed, you can fix the issues of the website to get organic traffic. There could be a possibility that Google might not be able to index a large chunk of pages. When you have created the sitemap submit it to Google to get indexed. A site map is nothing but an XML file that you can install on your server which gives the record of all the pages of your website. To use this tool enter the URL in the box provided and enter the submit button within a few seconds the tool will display the status of your site doing in search engines operation. It is a simple and easy tool used by almost every SEO expert and web designer. It gives insight into your website approach towards search engine optimization process.