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It is always recommended to secure your website, as you are not aware of which all backlinks are malicious for the website and the system. Malware is the short term for malicious software, which is harmful as it secretly accesses the website's database. It also steals personal or other important information. To save your site from such hackers you can do is check your website regularly. A website owner must be vigilant and alert before it is labeled as suspicious. Visitors feel reluctant to jump on those websites that are not secured as it may steal non-public and confidential information of theirs. These days' hackers search fragile websites and use different tacts to engross websites with malware to breakdown your system and to hack all your details. To be safe from such malicious activities what you have to do is use Google Malware Checker, which effectively scans the website thoroughly. A simple and super-efficient tool hunts out viruses or malware from the website. You need to put the URL and start checking. After the completion of the task, this tool will provide you with the result stating which all links are harmful so you can remove them and modify if anything required and make your site available on the internet.