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In the digital universe, every company strives to get priority from customers in search engine results. An outstanding approach to get organic traffic is vital to grow and enhance your business. One is always looking to get spectacular traffic from premium customers. Eventually, this customer gives the sale and opportunity. To grab this digital chance from your rivalry in search engine results, everyone needs a Search Engine Optimization from a veteran and experienced SEO expert. Link Analyzer tool assists the SEO wizards to examine Internal links and External links on any website. Internal links are the hyperlinks linked to other web pages created within the same website while External links jump you to another website. When duo links increase or decrease during the period it is imperative to analyze them frequently. This tool also gives an idea about which all links are indexable. This tool efficiently analyses the spam and hidden links and by knowing it you guys can get an idea to improve your website from various competitors. Competition is everywhere and one needs to gear up his website's ranking which can be done by analyzing the quality and quantity of the incoming links. Use this tool for free and get to know about all the links linked to your site and thus enhance the efficiency of your site and prosper in the path of becoming a top ranker. On the space provided above paste the URL address or the domain name of the website and get the results in a few seconds.