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About Meta Tag Generator

Meta Tag is one of the tags used by browser and SEO experts to rank the website in search engine optimization operations. Whenever one searches in the search engine like Google by different keywords then many links appear in the results. The blue color link that appears in the results is Title. After that description appears. Both links and descriptions are part of the Meta tag. Meta tag generator generates meta name title and meta description and contents. In HTML coding of the website if the meta tag description is not defined then the Google search engine takes the two lines from the website and shows in the description below the blue link title. So to rank, the keywords in title and description must be the same and aligned to rank your website top-most. Description of the website is the short paragraph enshrined to brief the searchers and let them acquainted with the knowledge of the website. HTML pages are structured accurately when the browser knows the character set fully. So a tag of charset is given by the Meta Tag generator which one can select different types of attributes. By Meta tag Generator you can create the title and description of your website and write it on the HTML coding. It gives the other options like whether search engines (robots) can crawl your website and do the indexing.