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About Mozrank Checker

It is the high demand and used tool by web engineers and SEO experts to get the valuable web metrics of webpages. It was created by MOZ Company to calculate the authority of the domain and websites. It is used to develop the analytical report of different websites. Domain authority can be summed up as a scale from one to a hundred. The one being is the lowest and hundred is the highest and topmost. It is the score that projects how a website will rank on search engine results. The different search engine has its own algorithms to rank a website. Mozrank checker has a unique algorithm of checking. It initiates its process and approach by checking the quality links present on a website. To use this tool enter the URL or copy-paste the link in the box and submit. The result will be displayed on the screen immediately. It will help you to evaluate the links present on your website as well as your competitors. The more credible links in your website the more is ranking. Mozranking also depends on the organic traffic a website has. So if your website has credible and authentic links from other websites the more likely you will have a good ranking.