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Page authority checker SEO tool is somewhat similar to the domain authority checker tool. It is the finest tool used by SEO experts to analyze a web page quality ie how effectively the page is working on the search engine result page. Page authority term was first coined by Seattle based MOZ company. It is an SEO company that develops SEO related techniques and software. In page authority checker the particular specific web page of the site is scored from one to hundreds. One is considered the lowest while 100 is the highest. This tool has a unique algorithm through which it reports specific web pages on the pointer scale. To start with this tool it does not require any subscription or installation in your machine. Simply enter the URL or copy-paste the link of the particular web page on the space provided and click the submit button. It will give the result within a few seconds. By checking the score of your website and of the rivalry web page you can make necessary amendments and add-on on the web page so that score the increases. Page ranking plays a major role apart from backlink, content, and domain authority score in ranking a website.