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Page speed checker is a user-friendly SEO tool to determine the necessary information about the page loading speed of the given domain or webpage. Although, users get very much confused with the terms 'site speed' or 'web page speed'. The Page speed is a page load time, the time taken for a page to load with its full content including images or comprehensive audio-video content. For enhancing user experience, every page requires high-quality images, high-resolution videos, slideshows, animations, or external applications or to display the complete content of the web-page. These results in the low speed of the page impair the website efficiency. According to the current survey, every visitor expects a website to load within 2 seconds or less while 40% of users leave the page that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Thus, the role of a Page speed checker is important. Page Speed Checker helps to determine the page speed and enhances user experience and overall performance of the website. It is easy to use just by entering the URL and click on the "Check" button, the result will display instantly.

The page speed can be improved by taking some effective steps like optimizing images, Enable Compression by Using Compression Tools, and also Using a minifier tool for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or by using a Leverage Browser or Caching Browser.