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About Pagespeed Insights Checker

Have you created a stunning website after spending a lot of money and time? Now you are finding that website created is not connecting fast when compared with other competitors' sites. As users always look for sites that run instantly and if your web pages are taking time to load. It is time to look for some technical issues. In this free SEO tool offered by SEO experts, website owners or anyone can check the various parameters that affect the speed of the page.

Page speed Insights Checker is a very handy and simple tool, to use this tool enter the domain name on the box or copy-paste the URL on the space provided and click the submit button within few seconds it will give the result. The result will have various parameters like HTTP, server, location, content –type, connection, etc. These results give insight to SEO wizards to make changes in their website, server, content, language used in making the website. It also examines all the drawback which a site is having during the loading of your website. Comparing the parameters with rival websites it further assists you to take effective decisions.