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About Search Engine Spider Simulator

If you have accessed this SEO tool it is clear that you are looking to rank your website on various search engine result pages. Google always has an unbiased approach to ranking. It's Google's algorithm that judges which website to be given priority in the ranking. So it is always demanded by web designers and SEO engineers to know how Google's bot crawls over the website and collects information. To begin with, the Search engine Spider Simulator tool enter the domain name or copy-paste the URL on space provided and click the submit button. The result will first provide the meta content-related information like Meta title, Meta description, and meta keywords. These are the important parameters in metafile that spider bot look. After that bots simulate on different tags from h1 to h4 and indexable files. It also crawls on the readable contents of the website. So it gives the basic idea of what location and on which HTML elements and attributes one has to work effectively. It is the hassle-free and powerful tool developed that does not require any technical skill. It is highly recommended by SEO experts to focus more on the elements that Google bot crawl.