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About What is my Browser

Browser is the interface or software through which websites are accessed by the user over the Internet. It is the platform that requires only the website address in the tab and internet connection to display various web documents and files of the website properly. Many companies have created browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsft Edge, etc. Different users have different choices of selecting browsers it depends on the security, loading speed, and proper interface of the browser. Websites also encounter some technical issues in certain browsers in displaying the full features of the website. So it is best if website designers and owners check their website by running on other browsers. It is a simple tool created to get the details of the browser. To check just click on the icon of the tool and it will provide browser's name, version. It also lets you know the operating system in the user device and user agent available. It helps you if your website is not working properly whether to update the browser or not. As hackers target a vulnerable website to infect the websites. A safe browser always recommended for any digital activity