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As the name suggests Word Counter. It is the tool to count the number of words and characters in Article, Essay, Blogs, or any text. It assists you in knowing the figures without counting words manually one by one. It calculates the number of words instantly and displays the result. Many times the writers are in dilemma to know the length of their article and look for tedious-free tools. So our experts have listened to them and come with another easy solution for valuable writers. It is a reliable and accurate tool that can be used by anyone. In the Space provided above either write your article or copy-paste. After that just press the button of Count Words. It will perform its process diligently and provide the result. Whether you are a blogger, an established writer, teacher, professor, or any writer your content always has to be, to the point, and within the word limits. It is designed in such a way that one can count articles of other languages also like Japanese, Chinese apart from English. It also ensures and makes aware the writers that the article has a minimum amount of word best for SEO practices and eventually enhances the chance of article to be shared and get popularized.