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About Link Price Calculator

As the name suggests it is the SEO tool used to calculate the estimated value of links given on a website. Many website owners earn money by giving the space of advertisement or backlinks on their website. Google ad sense approved websites are the sites in which google displays the adds depending on the traffic on a web page has. It is very complex to calculate the charges that you have to give for links or charges from customers that you take. To make it convenient, the Link price calculator is a very helpful and hassle-free tool to evaluate the price. To calculate copy-paste the link or enter the URL in the box and enter the submit button. The result will give the value of the link in US dollars. You can convert the US dollars in your currency if you want the value in your country's currency. By the value, you can judge and get the estimated price of the linking process. The Price increase and decrease, it depends on the popularity and traffic of the website. The tool algorithm is designed in such a way that it takes various parameters like Alexa ranker, the number of backlinks, etc to get the price in the result.