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Every website designed and developed requires a hosting and server. It is a place where all the files, contents, images of the web pages are stored and kept. To access one website from billions of websites on the internet an IP address is given to the website and another IP address is assigned to the digital device through which website is visited. Hosting providers give the IP address to the website depends on the plan or subscription selected by website owners. There are two types of hosting mainly dedicated and sharing. When Shared hosting is selected by website owners, the IP address of the website changes and is assigned from the bunch of available lists whenever a customer access the site. In dedicated hosting, a fixed IP address is given. By sharing the IP address with other websites that contain malicious content it degrades the ranking of your website. As Google algorithm enters the website through the IP address. If its robots find spam and malicious content on other websites having the same IP address of yours.  It will affect your website ranking also. To check this enter the URL in the box or copy-paste the URL and enter the submit button. This Easy tool will display the result within a few seconds.