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About Server Status Checker

Websites are the most unique place to get information about any product or service over the internet. In the digital era, maximum numbers of companies have a digital presence through a website. So no website owner wants his website not working properly or crashes or get down in any manner. Websites are meant to be live 24/7. Sever status Checker is the best and handy tool to check why your website or competitors' website is not connecting properly. There are many issues when a website does not load properly like a technical fault or glitch at a remote server location. The other reason could be with the ISP, Internet service provider. To get the status of any website by server status, enter the website domain or copy-paste the link in the space provided and click the submit button. It will give the result instantly in four category HTTP code, response time, and status. HTTP codes are the codes like 200 is for best, 301, and 302 is the issue of redirection of URL to another website or temporary disruption in sever, and 401,404,500, many more. Response time is the time taken by the website in loading, the less is the time the better is the connecting speed. Status provides the present online or offline status of the website.