How to Start

I love to keep the life simple

Hello my name is Marc, what make my services different from most SEO agency is the fact i love to keep everything super easy for everyone.

I try to avoid all complicated and confusing term such ”Roi”, ”Funnel”, “KPI” and all other marketing expression that most normal human will not understand anyway. I will speak with a language that you do understand.

Do you want more Visitors?
Do you want more sales?
Do you want more Phone call?
YES?  Right on! I can help you!

First Contact

If you know what you want you can select your desired SEO plan or Backlinks Boost directly and go through the checkout process. Or you can simply call or text me directly at 1-604-217-3974. 

The Payment

After the first contact and when you choose the best SEO plan that suite your need simply send an E-transfer to [email protected]. (If you are in Vancouver Area we can meet for cash payment)

Site Credential

Send me your Website Credentials, if you do not share your main credential simply create a new user account for me.

The Work Start

All Good! No need to waste time looking for Keywords or anything. From there I will manage everything, i will check the competitions, and find the best keywords that are realistic for your website.

The Results

I will start to send you automatic daily, weekly or monthly reports according to the plan you select, If you are happy with what you seeing you can signup for another month If you are not happy you can stop your SEO plan.