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Ultra Petrography and Geoscience Inc. (UPG) offers detailed petrographic analysis applied to mineral exploration, mining and environmental investigation.

Petrography and petrology are essential investigative tools in several stages of the exploration of precious and base metals. The detailed petrographic analysis offered by the experienced geoscientists at UPG can distinguish and quantify the rock-forming and ore minerals and help the geoscientist and engineer during its grassroots exploration stage, its drilling program, the core logging, the model definition and resource calculation.
The detailed analysis of microstructures and textures in the rock offers valuable data during the feasibility stage, and the detailed mineralogic study offers an advantage in mineral deportation investigation.

UPG is based in Vancouver, one of the most important exploration hubs in the world and UPG’s extensive international experience and academic collaborations put UPG among the top consulting firms in Petrography and Geoscience.
The study and modelling of the hydrothermal alteration associated with the ore mineralization and ore deposits are definitely one of the most powerful tools in targeting and understanding mineralization. The petrographic analysis can be associated with short wave infrared and near-infrared (SWIR-NIR) spectroscopic analysis to offer one of the most efficient and cost-effective analyses in the study of hydrothermal alteration.
While the detailed rock classification is an essential aid for the field and logging geoscientist, the detailed textural and microchemical investigation will help the geoscientist in solving the more complex exploration challenges and generate a more accurate petrogenetic and resource model.

In some cases, the petrographic analysis is associated with Scanning Electron Microscopic analysis. This technique helps determine the very fine-grained minerals that, in some cases, are unresolved under the petrographic microscope.

The extensive international experience of UPG founder and president allows UPG to offer expert advice in several geological environments:
intrusion-related systems
porphyry copper systems
epithermal (low sulphidation and high sulphidation) systems
volcanogenic massive sulphide systems
orogenic lodes
greenstone belts
banded iron formations.
All the above studied, investigated, and in some cases, peer-reviewed published, with petrographic, petrologic and mineralogic state of the art techniques.

Fabrizio Colombo in Vancouver offered his expert advice in the design of logging protocols and designed Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) protocol for exploration companies.
The petrographic analysis is an essential tool in choosing the right mineral for geochronology studies. Several magmatic and hydrothermal deposits beneficiated of the UPG’s expert advice for geochronology.

The extensive mining operation involves a high-risk decision. Petrography and petrology are recognized tools in lowering the risk during all the exploration, mining and reclamation stages.

Sudden changes in the mineralization style during the mining can be noticed, and the petrographic analysis can offer the necessary tool to modify the scheduling and processing and improve the mineral recovery.

Petrography and mineralogy can detail the acid generation potential and reduce the environmental impact of the mining operation.
The knowledgeable and expert team at UPG will be happy to hear from you, to understand and help resolve your geoscientific questions and offer the best advice possible. Take advantage of the 15′ free-consultation offer, see www.ultrapetrography.com and get to know Fabrizio Colombo and his team.