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SEO Package for 2021

Silver Plan

$ 400/ Month
  • 1 Website
  • No E-commerce
  • Up to 8h of work per month*
  • On-Going On-site SEO*
  • On-Going Off-site SEO*
  • Content Optimization
  • Basic Content creation
  • 1 to 20 Backlinks per month

Gold Plan

$ 1000/ Month
  • 1 Website
  • E-commerce ok
  • Up to 20h of work per month*
  • On-Going On-site SEO*
  • On-Going Off-site SEO*
  • Content Optimization
  • Fair Content creation
  • 5 to 200 Backlinks per month

Platinum Plan

$ 2500/ Month
  • 2 Websites
  • E-commerce ok
  • Up to 40h of work per month*
  • On-Going On-site SEO*
  • On-Going Off-site SEO*
  • Content Optimization
  • Good Content creation
  • 10 to 500 Backlinks per month

Detailed Pricing Plans

Key Features

Basic Plan

Silver Plan

Platinum Plan

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Local + National

Local + National + Global

Weekly Reporting

Web site Analysis


Email & Text message

Email, Text & Phone

Email, Text, Signal, Phone

Anonymous Feedback

Personalized content for managers

Web site Structure Optimization

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Bookmark important pages

Weekly Reporting

Web site Analysis

Free Blog Creation and Promotion

Forum Posting & Blog posting

Youtube Video Promotion

More Information about our SEO Packages

Here a list of tasks that are not on your website we perform month after month. 

  • -Backlinks Creation
  • -Listing Creation
  • -Craigslist posting
  • -Facebook Post
  • -Instagram Post
  • -Directory Listing

What is Backlink?

A backlink is when someone adds a link to your website on his own website. 


Here a Exemple:

Click here for the Best Computer Repair in Vancouver

This is a backlink to the website

vancouvercomputerhelp.ca because our websites is popular it will help to boost the popularity of  vancouvercomputerhelp.ca

More you have different websites linking to your site more is easy to rank on google if the backlinks are from Quality Website.

This is the number of hours we will work on your project every month. We always try to focus on the most important task your website needs. we are not counting the Hours meticulously that means we often do a lot of extra work to make sure to keep all our customer happy. This is just to make sure you will understand if you have a 50 pages websites we can’t optimize your entire website in the first month if you are on the Bronze plan, But we will optimize everything gradually month after month. 

Backlinks are no about the quantity but about the Quality. We create backlinks gradually month after month. Some Backlinks price can be from $5 up to $2000 or even more each.  You will have either Multiple backlinks or  Few hight Quality Backlink per month depending on your SEO Plan.

Basic content means we can provide unique basic content to fillup your websites. We add Sentences and small paragraphs on your webpage or we create a variation of your home page and use them as a Landing page. 

Good content is similar as Basic content except we will also create posts for your website. 

Don’t Expect AAA Premium Content. Nowadays for example a High-Quality article for a Blog with just 1000 words can cost $500 to $1000 itself. But don’t be afraid! Our goal is to rank your site on Google page 1 and we will do it!

With The low price of our package, we can’t provide AAA Content Writing but we can’t provide it if you have an extra budget. But in most cases we will rank you without super high-end content.

In most cases, we will (as almost 99% of SEO agencies)  Copy some blog posts from the Internet and re-write them to make them unique and avoid any copyright infringement.

Note if you have a good writer or if you can write yourself a high-quality blog is awesome!