Enterprise SEO Plan (1 Month)

$2,500.00 for each 1 month

Enterprise SEO Plan

-No Contrat Month-to-Month.


This is for the High Competition market in Canada.

This SEO Pack is Suitable for Medium to Big businesses in Medium to High competition markets Mostly for E-Commerce that sells in Canada, across USA, or WorldWide. This includes between 10 to 20 hours of real human labor per month.

In this plan, I will do a  full overview of your website, fix All SEO Problems, Fix Technical issues suck as Speed. I will make sure Google Analytics and Google Seach Console are both properly configurated and the code is activated on your website.

I will Create  Backlinks Overtime  Track up to 100 keywords. And do the best I can to help your website rank higher on Google and other Search Engine.

The Main Difference from the Previous Plan, is this plan includes Multiple Landing page creations to rank in multiple cities across Canada, the USA, or Worldwide. After all Major SEO issues are fixed, we will start to create 1 by one multiple landing pages targeting specific cities ( 5 to 10 landing pages per month)

Webmaster assistance is also included, I can help you to do any kind of edit (within the limit of the reasonable) or fix problem-related to PluginsSite CrashDdos Attackwebsite daily backup, and more!

Ideal for 


The Communication Between Me and you can by Text MessageVoice call or Email. I also Accept Signal Communication

You will receive an automatic weekly report in your mailbox and they’re no contract you start and stop at any time. Or upgrade or downgrade to one of our other SEO plans.

Save BIG Money and get faster results by paying 3 Months6 Month or 1 year in advance.

For more information about this Monthly SEO Plan, visit our Pricing Page
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