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SEO and Website Speed – Reasons to have a Website with a Fast Loading Speed

SEO and Website speed works together to create a better results in your business. SEO helps ensure you have a website that loads fast. The speed of your website is a great determinant as to whether you attain the set goals or not. Note that web visitors get pissed off by slow loading sites. A website with low speed experiences high bounce rates and cannot convert. This is why it is important to apply the right SEO strategies in order to ensure that your site loads faster than your competition.  So, why is website speed important?

Enhanced user experience

One of the top benefits you get with a fast loading website is improved user experience. You do not only develop your website for search engines, but also for your users. When users realize that your website is loading slowly, they jump to your competitors’ website that may be loading faster. Note that your web visitors do not have the luxury of time to wait for a slow loading website, so with slow speed you should also expect high bounce rate. With a good speed your website will appeal to more web visitors leading to massive traffic.

Attain your online marketing objectives fast

A website that is fully optimized for speed helps you attain your set marketing goals quickly. It leads to high conversion rates, reduced bounce rates, improve sales and profits. With higher conversion rates, it means that you will not only gain more customers in your business, but the referral rates will also go up. Your business attains a strong customer base and long lasting relationship with the customers. 

SEO and Website Speed

Increased revenues and conversion

When we go back to user experience, web visitors will abandon a website that is loading slowly. This means that even the conversion rates of the website is also reduced dramatically. In the long run business opportunities are lost with high bounce rates. However, fast loading websites experience better user experience that leading to high rates if conversion and improved business. With improved business you can expect increased revenue.

Improved traffic

As mentioned above, web users like visiting website that load quickly. If your website loads fast, it attracts more views and less bounce rates. You end up enjoying high traffic on your website. Note that any delay no matter how short it is can chase web visitors from your website. SEO helps your suite to load fast, thus allowing it to enjoy massive targeted traffic.

Enhance your Google ranking

One of the factors that major search engines including Google consider in ranking is the loading speed of a website.  Note that the loading speed of your website improves user experience, leads to high traffic which contribute to higher ranking on major search results. Therefore, with the right speed your website SEO ranking is improved. Another important thing to know is that with better ranking customers develop more trust and confidence with your business leading to increased sales and revenue. 

Bottom Line

For improved website loading speed you need to work with a SEO company to help ensure that your website is always up. This allows you to focus more other task in your business.