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SEO Expert Canada is a leading SEO company helping Toronto companies increase organic traffic. We also offer search engine optimization for businesses in the nearby cities of Markham, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Vaughan, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Brampton, Kingstong and Surrounding area.

  • For e-commerce websites, we typically perform local SEO on WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce websites. For Showcase websites, we often provide local SEO on WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Joomla, and Laravel websites.

    The SEO industry is full of people claiming to be SEO experts in Toronto. The team at SEO Expert Canada makes this claim, but we have the results to prove it! Our experts can apply the same SEO approaches to your website that helped bring you to our website. If you Google for "Toronto SEO specialists," you've found the SEO team that can get you to rank higher on Search Engine!

  • In Business Since 1997
  • Large, Onsite Team
  • No Outsourcing
  • Regular Progress Updates
  • Experienced in 100+ Industries
  • Realistic Goals & Expectations

Before starting any SEO work for your Toronto company, our SEO team will speak with you to find out how deep your target market extend from Toronto, your current lead regularity, and your past marketing activities. From there, we scan your website for on-site problems, content quality, and ranking positions, which we then compare against your Local competitors in Toronto and across Toronto. Taking the time to speak with you about your Toronto company, interpreting data from multiple reporting systems, and pulling from our personal marketing expertise is what sets us apart from the common SEO experts in Ontario. After the first analyst, we put together a detailed SEO attack plan that will have the proper perspective of website fixes, content writing, landing page optimizations, speed improvements, meta changes, inbound linking, and other settings to help improve your Google ranking within your allocated monthly SEO budget.
In addition to SEO for your Toronto company, we can also help promote any paid ads on Google, Bing, Craigslist, or Facebook!

  • Rank Higher Than Competitors
  • Improve Mobile Experience
  • Capture More Leads
  • Get more Phone Call
  • Increase Page Speed
  • Put Website Issues Behind You!
  • Make more Money

How We Can Help Your Toronto Company to Rank Higher on Google

Most SEO Experts in Toronto  try to hide their practices and tactics when describing what they will do for rank your Toronto website, but search engine optimization methods that work for Toronto aren't a complete secret. Toronto search engine optimization requires more than a hundred factors, but the most frequent shortcomings relate to promoting website content, increasing website speed, building backlinks, and fixing onsite issues. The dominant search engines are huge companies that aren't going to be fooled by keyword spamming, hidden text, and other SEO hacks that worked decades ago. If you really want to be found in Toronto search results for the keywords you want is important to your Toronto business, then you need to give Google a reason to want to include you in their Toronto Listing. Our specialists will help you discover how to get ranked better in Google for the keywords and phrases important to your Toronto company or institution.

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Step 1. Improve Website Content

  • A lot of the Toronto company owners we talk to don't recognize the importance of website content (text), which is best explained by looking at what goals a search engine attempts to achieve. The main purpose of a search engine Expert is to serve people in Toronto and beyond perform a search for services, products or information and find the best websites. this process is to help a person performing a search, not to help Toronto companies be found. When a Google or Bing crawls your Toronto website, it will scan your content to determine which search keyword your website will be relevant to for its Ontario users. If your site links to external websites to explain what you offer Toronto or has low word count, duplicate text, hidden content or poor grammar, then search engines will likely determine your website as not relevant to its Toronto visitors. Our experts can help you improve your Toronto company's website content by identifying the keywords your website is missing, writing unique content, building more solid landing pages and much more!
  • Fix Duplicate Content Issues
  • Build Better Landing Pages
  • Write Quality Titles & Descriptions
  • Find Missed Keyword Opportunities

Step 2. Increase Website Speed

As mentioned first, the idea of a search engine is to assist people in Toronto and beyond find websites related to their search inquiries. That extends to make sure the recommended websites will load fast and smoothly, despite if they are hosted in Toronto or somewhere offshore. If your Toronto website is being slowed by unwanted complex plugins, a bad template, unoptimized pictures, conflicting addon, or any other factors, then you may see a fall in search positions in Toronto and beyond. We have SEO specialists that can fix your website's speed issues and work with you to enhance the speed of your website locally in Toronto and nationwide.

  • Speed Optimization
  • Image Tuning
  • Full Page Caching
  • SQL Optimization
  • Theme Cleanup

Step 3. Build Inbound Links

A different important factor in search position is the amount of quality inbound links leading to your website from national websites and other Toronto companies or corporations. Search engines look at the amount of quality inbound connections to your Toronto website has to determine its reliability, trust and authority. The method of building quality backlinks is likely the most challenging and time consuming portion of Toronto SEO services. That being stated, our team of experts have expertise helping Toronto clients build quality backlinks through quality sites network, directory filling, professional review websites, and many other Toronto Backlinks opportunities.

  • Research Inbound Link Opportunities
  • Monitor & Resolve Toxic Links
  • Competitor Link Analysis
  • Link Profile Building

Step 3. Fix On-Site Issues

There are various types of on-site website issues that can negatively affect your search placement in Toronto and beyond. For example, launching a new website for your Toronto company or institution without creating 301 redirects can lead to your local visitors and Canadian visitors seeing 404 pages, which will lead Google to lower your search rank and Natural organic traffic. Even empty page titles or meta descriptions, duplicate content problems, and mobile issues can badly impact your SEO in Toronto . Our Experts can add your Toronto website to our full fledge automated scanning system to monitor for on-site issues and trigger alert to our specialists to have them corrected.

  • 301 Redirects 
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • Structured Data
  • Open Graph Meta Tags
  • Fix Broken Assets
  • Improve Mobile Experience

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Rank Higher in Toronto Google Maps

If your Toronto business have hard time to rank in Google Maps, we might be able to help! There are quick and easy modifications you can make that can help you improve your visibility in local maps in Toronto, as well as across Ontario

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