Job Application for SEO

Thank you for your interest in joining the SEO Expert Canada Company team. Here at the SEO Expert Canada Company, we receive a LOT of applications thanks to our numerous #1 organic rankings and those same revenue-generating rankings we get for our clients. In order to ensure only the best of the best join our team, we ask all applicants to demonstrate their SEO and online marketing skills by creating a free Web 2.o website that contains their reasons for wanting to work for the SEO Expert Canada Company, which position they would like most and their resume. See below for more details.

How to Apply for a SEO Job in Canada

We receive over 5000 jobs application every day via Email/Facebook/phone We will ONLY consider People that Complete the Step Bellow  for any of our open positions, please complete the following steps:

  1. Create 1 free Web 2.0 website about search engine optimization. Here’s a list of web 2.0 websites.
  2. Name your website something related to SEO in Canada, search engine optimization, digital marketing, online marketing, online reputation management, website design, WordPress, etc.
  3. On your website, explain why you want to work in search engine optimization, SEO and for the SEO Expert Company.
  4. Ensure your content contains at least 800 words.
  5. Add your resume to your Web 2.0 website.
  6. On the homepage of your Web 2.0, add a link to the following 6 sites:
    1. https://seoexpertcanada.ca
    2. https://www.facebook.com/seoexpertvancouver/
    3. https://clutch.co/profile/webbc
    4. https://webbc.ca/
    5. https://www.instagram.com/webbc.ca/
    6. https://twitter.com/YourWebbc


Once your SEO related Web 2.0 website is done, let us know by filling out the form below

Once you are Enrolled, you will be in a 30 Day testing period, we paid $100 per Week for 10h of Work.

If we Decide to Keep you After the Testing Period you Will Choose between our Part Time or Full Time Jobs. 

We Offering $500 per week for 20h or $1200 per week for 40 hours. 

We paid every Friday via E-transfers, Paypal or Western Union only. 

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