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SEO Experts Calgary
SEO Experts Calgary

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content-driven Calgary SEO Strategies and services that deliver real results!

With our search engine optimization services we can rank your website on the front page of popular search engine even if your website is new and you are nobody!
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Professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Canadian Business.

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Affordable WordPress Web Development in Canada.

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Top Notch Web Hosting in Canada with High Speed.

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SEO Calgary is featured across internet as one of the best SEO company in Alberta. Look for testimonials on Clutch, The Manifest, Yelp and more. We love search engine optimization and digital marketing!






Main Features Of Our Calgary SEO Solutions for Canadian business


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We help you to set up short and long term realistic goals for your Business.


Our team of SEO Pro will provide you clear plans to dominate your competition.


We track datas regarding your Search Engine Optimisation and Site traffic.
SEO Experts Canada
SEO Experts Canada
SEO Experts Canada
SEO Experts Canada
SEO Experts Canada
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You have a nice Website? But whatever you don’t have any phone call or email, because your site doesn’t have any organic traffic. SEO Calgary are a team of search engine optimization (SEO) Expert in Alberta that already helped over 2000 other Canadian business since 1999 to get found on Octurus, Google and other search Engine. If you site struggling to have visitors you really need to call us right now and a one of our  Specialist from our Calgary SEO company will help you grow your business with digital marketing strategies that work.

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Quick SEO search engine optimization guide to help you to Boost your lead following 10 easy steps. SEO strategies you can do yourself!


SEO Experts Canada

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How Content Writing is Important in SEO?

You opened the link to a site and started to read about the texts. You find it engaging, exciting, and Informative. Topics and subtopics of the text explained clearly. You just read on and on like there’s no tomorrow. Someone has written too well to increase the traffic on that particular Site. It can be in the format of video scripts, email newsletters, landing pages, etc. That’s what is in the content writing.

Contents on the website can be confused or not clear, and it depends on the digital marketing specialist and web designer you have hired. If you want people to trust your brand and buy products, you need good content. Texts written plagiarism free and easy to read are considered optimum for SEO service. Different style of contents, appeals, and attracts people. It is usually done by knowing your audience and doing customer research & survey. The aim is to target your audience to act so that it increases your sale.

Content writing works only when if your site is easily accessible on Google and other search engines. That’s where Search engine Optimization plays a prominent role. SEO makes sure your website stands out in a pile of others on the search engine. It makes your Website visible on the first pages of the search engine. A website with good content and optimized keywords help in the process of search engine optimization.

Keywords are the short phrases used in the text which people usually put in the search bar to know about a particular topic. For example, if a person wants to know about the best moving company in Calgary, he will put the phrase “Best moving company in Calgary ” in the search bar.

Using this same keyword, for Local SEO exercise to bring your website to the result page’s top ranking. They act as a channel connecting the target audience to desirable topics.

As it must have been clear now, search engine optimization content writing beings traffic to your website and converts visitors into a real product sale.

For genuine customers to visit your website, you first need to have the right search engine optimization expert. When people start visiting your website by our SEO strategy, the next step will be to convince them to buy products using SEO blog posts and content writing.

If you are looking for the experienced search engine optimization expert in Calgary. It advised having a cup of coffee with Me.


What our clients say

David, Founder

Top Notch work for great value. If you want to get something done properly and cost effective, Marc is your Pro! Thank you so much Marc your know search engine optimization very well!

Lisa, Consultant

I use Marc search engine optimization services for my seo campaign and Marc did a wonderful job for my Remax Sub-website. I recommend him. My inquiry increase by 20% in few month and only Organic Lead no paid Ads.

Samual, CEO

I paid $175 per month to a US Based SEO Agency for over 3 years, never see any results. I paid Marc 1 time $800 I’m in page 1 with my targeted keyword after 3 week ! You are terrific Marc! Best search engine optimization SEO services i ever tried!
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Search Engine Optimization is one of the significant revolutions in the marketing sector. It is one of the best ways to get better rankings of your website worldwide. People choose SEO over anything to optimize their webpages, content, and the problems faced by them during online marketing. The best way to optimize the websites is through blog posts.

One of the significant sources of marketing services from blog traffic includes the proper use of tools and services. Thousands of the businessman who are working in the digital marketing industry misses out the concept of blogging, but we help them maintain their blogging growth through various strategies.


Strategies for exclusive blog posts by SEO experts

Most people make the biggest mistakes with blog optimizing that they stuff the keywords with a lot of keywords, and sometimes the keywords even do not fit the content, but they still do it anyway. The stuffing enables a negative impact in the mind of the reader, and that can break the potential customer, but we help the people find the real problem around and work upon them. Optimizers must provide the best tools and best sources for keywords stuffing, and that makes our expert team work deep in making your work efficient.

We help you with our expert team that maintains the strategies for your SEO with different analytics from time to time. Regular analytics help the optimizers with building a strong data structure, which increases the growth in the market.

The adience approach on the internet totally depends upon the latest trends going out in the market. However, when we examine the trends and related statistics, we know that the approach to the market is still basic. Just work on the right tool and approach the right target. Trends do shake the statistics, but strong foundations and hard work are not easy to break. At SEO Expert Canada, we believe in our approach and help you grow your audience through practical tools and strategies.

SEO intent to build a reliable communication channel in the market that optimizes every bug and maintains the possibility of a larger market area for the businesses.

  • We help you design and develop your website, and our team will work on the right tools based on your preference and needs. Later on, we help you grab your share of the market by reaching out to your potential customers

We help you build your secure communication channel with your customers by creating an interface according to your need. Better communication and exchange of ideas always create wonders for the work.


Why SEO Expert Canada is best

We are one of the best digital marketing associates that provide SEO in Calgary. We help companies around Canada grow their potential virtual market. We give every skill and technology in terms of engine optimization. Our experts take care of everything related to marketing online. We believe in producing a stable market base to our renowned clients through various effective strategies.



The target of SEO in Calgary is to appear on google searches, however more critically, appear on the first page of the search results. This is largely because if the website appears on the third, fourth or fifth page, the searcher is probably not going to go past page one. Its natural that when you are on the first page of the Google SERP, you wish to appear high on the webpage. You want to know why? It is because you receive more clicks.

The SEO Calgary results ordinarily have a “map” posting that show up directly beneath the paid promotions with the other common outcomes underneath it. If your location plays an important role in your business then you need to guarantee that Google Local Optimization is a solid piece of that methodology. Search engine optimization is tied in with outranking competing websites and having numerous clicks to your website for applicable user searches.



Have you ever heard people saying “Yahoo it” or “Bingo it” while proving a point or getting know about something? No, people always say “Google it”! This is all because google is the dominant search engine as it does the best job at conveying and enlisting search results and provide better and more accurate results.

Showing up on the Google’s first page normally is the sacred goal of all web based marketing since you are in the correct spot, at the perfect time because you are in front of the user that has explicitly searched for something you offer.

Digital marketing tells the Google that your website is the best result of the searcher who is making a search for your product or service. Search engine optimization makes sure your content is authentic and the services or product you provide are the interest of the user.



Our duty to greatness, customer satisfaction and results puts us in front of the rest. Our main business moto is that the better your business does, the better our own does as well. This ties our business advantages together. We understand that when you confide in us as the best SEO Company, you are confiding us with the fate of your business. Your business grows with the efforts of our committed group and it utilizes best practice On-page and Off-page SEO which results in growing us too.

Each customer that comes has a committed record administrator. The group will process the data from the Google about your site and process it into simple end of month reports that could really matter to you. We trust that an individual response can have a significant effect in a business relationship and that is why we guarantee that for each SEO customer we put a face to the name.



  1. Firstly we have a meeting to discuss the clients business. We see what their outcome is and set proposals to meet those goals.
  2. We then perform SEO audit in depth of your company’s digital presence.
  3. Our team will then design a plan to get achieve your business goals.
  4. The account manager will provide with monthly reports that will highlight the process that has been made.

Website Audit & SEO Evaluation

A severe analysis from the ground up from design infrastructure to the Content, profile, brand strength and much more.

Inclusive Keyword Research

The most crucial step in SEO services, our keyword research is exhaustive and concentrates on “conversion keywords” that produce leads.

SEO Competitor Analysis

We drive an exhaustive study of competitors in order to recognize new link building & marketing possibilities.We can Help with Local SEO or Canada Wide search engine optimization

Detailed Back-link Inspection

We look at ALL links created for a website in order to discover their value and remove bad, spammy links.

Link-building Services

We establish links on trustworthy sites that sequentially link back to your website, leveraging their reliability and increasing SEO. We find the seo strategies for your website.

Content Creation & Marketing

Top-notch local SEO optimized Content (blogs, articles, press releases, social media posts, and more) that Boost Google rankings.

Below is a standard task timeline of an SEO campaign.


Professional SEO Audit

Here, a comprehensive analysis is conducted that puts your site through various of intense tests, identifying possible problems and other on-page critical issues.

Social Media Marketing

Depending on the SEO Services bundle you signed up for, you get articles, blogs, social media posts, infographics, videos, and more.Our SEO company can help!

Content Creation

Once you accept these suggested topics, our authors create keyword-optimized Content using trustworthy links and resources after thorough product and industry analysis.

Search Engine Optimization

This is a statement that describes all-action postings, backlinking profiles, competitor analysis, company profile listing in Directory, and strategies accomplished on your website during the week for search engine optimization and link building.

Weekly Ranking Sheets

This detailed document report all improvement on your website, the performance and ranking of your targeted keywords, the natural traffic on your website, conversion rate, page speed, bounce rate, future recommendations and more.

Digital Marketing

We then throw in an in-depth, comprehensive completion report describing the progress of your website along with suggestions for the next cycle.

Affordable SEO Services in Calgary

SEO is about getting your business website found online and this is our major objective . As a trusted digital marketing agency we really can help you .You may ask yourself how online presence can help grow your business, but it has great impact.  With our SEO services in Calgary, we can help you attract massive search traffic, new customers and increased sales in your business. We leading SEO Company in Calgary because of our unique and guaranteed results.  Our experienced and reputable professionals get to understand you and your Business in order to offer the expected results.  We know that business digital marketing is not cheap; therefore, our experts take time to understand your business objectives to efficiently and effectively help attain them within the shortest time possible.

Your needs come first

Most marketing companies in Calgary sell you SEO services, but we do not do this. After contacting us, we take time to know what you need to offer you greatest return on the budget you spend with our search engine optimization services in Calgary.  After understanding your needs, we understand the best way to get you found online. We improve your online presence by applying the best SEO techniques that work for your business.  SEO Expert Canada® is the top company that understands how to rank your business for local terms.

Reputation management

We understand that for your business to succeed in Calgary, strong reputation online is paramount.  We guarantee to help you attain this through our top notch SEO services.  We help by managing online reviews from your clients which act as a good proof that they like your Business. Reputation Management is a part of digital marketing agency on-going task for any SEO Companies

Web design and link building

Having a website is a great way to improve your business online performance. However, not any website can help you attain the set goals and objectives. We have professionals committed to create an engaging and informative website for your business.  Our team is dedicated to design a website your business is proud to have online. We design custom search engine optimization friendly sites that are not only appealing, but user friendly too.

Calgary digital marketing with results

To boost your business visibility, leads and trust, our company helps you get ranked on top pages of search results for targeted keyword phrases.

Improved call volume with the best SEO company

With our search engine optimization services in Calgary, you can expect to enjoy more calls from potential customers. We ensure you get increased in-bound call volume through our Local SEO services and provide tracking. Our high level expertise help put your business in front of all those who are looking forward to buy the products or services you provide.


Build long term relationship with clients

We strive to develop a long lasting and strong relationship with each client. When you work with us, we treat you as part of our family and go beyond just providing SEO services to your business.  You become part of our company and move together with you to see your business grow and attain your set goals. Our SEO prices are also the most competitive in Calgary, so you never strain your budget with our search engine optimization services.


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