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An Search Engine Optimization consultant aims to develop the traffic of your site from search engines by advising you optimizations for WIX SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
The mission of the WIX SEO consultant: find the right levers of acquisition, develop the audience, satisfy the research of Internet users corresponding to the contents of your site and put in place a solid strategy to develop your visibility.

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Online WIX SEO Services and Improved Google, Bing Rankings

Improving the organic results on search engines is done through a process that encompasses both on and off-site strategies as well as social engagement. While WIX SEO is an ever-evolving professional practice, there are many foundational or traditional elements at its core. Below is a list of some of the best practices for WIX SEO as well as more evolved and advanced techniques to guide webmasters and business owners toward better results online.

WIX SEO Code of Ethics

There is an ethical approach to engaging in an WIX SEO campaign and the way a digital marketing agency manages that is weighed within a Code of Ethics. “Black Hat” WIX SEO techniques such as hidden text, cloaking, paid links, content scraping and doorway pages are no longer tolerated and are strictly enforced as they are against Googles Webmaster Guidelines. These tactics will often lead a site to be penalized by search engines and can even cause websites to be removed from the index for extended periods of time.

At WIX SEO Expert Canada® , we have made it one of our organizational goals, in addition to our commitment to our customers, to bring a positive name to our industry by promoting “white-hat,” ethical optimization methods. Without resorting to questionable or unethical practices, our ethical approach to WIX SEO enables us to offer our clients peace of mind, something that is not listed on a contract but ingrained in our methods.

WIX SEO SEO Expert Canada® Search Engine Optimization Talk with a SEO specialist: 1-888-302-7205
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