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An interactive and mobile-friendly website reflects your business and is one of the main
factors when potential customers give you Company and lead. A good website design
helps increase revenue and traffic in 2021

1- Design Shopp

Design Shopp taking the top spot in our ranking should be of no surprise. It has stepped
into the business of website designing in the year 2005. From inception, the agency has
hired the Best website designers and web developers’ resources. Design Shopp has taken
itself up to the top by doing some noticeable job in following the best client needs and
emerging as one of Canada’s best website design and development companies.


2- WEBBC (Affordable Web Design in Vancouver)

Web Design Vancouver Logo-422x422

This Company was founded by Mr. Eric Cournoyer, a tech-savvy individual who
is hardworking and diligent in creating top-notch web and mobile solutions using cutting-
edge technologies. Webbc is growing 300% yearly right from its inception. The team has
a unique approach for every industry like Cannabis, Epoxy Flooring, Moving Company,
etc. They treat their customers as their business colleagues. The objective of the Agency
is “Let’s grow together.”

Affordable Web Design in Vancouver by WEBBC

Affordable Web Design in Canada and USA by WEBBC


3- GrayCyan

GrayCyan.com is a web development company and was founded in 2018. They mostly
serve small businesses in the real estate, retail, and eCommerce industries. The Company
has the expertise and stronghold in various open source technologies like Shopify,
Zoomla, Magento. Having successfully delivered more than 1000 projects.



Kanopi Studio is a leading firm based in Vancouver, Canada; It offers quick and mobile-
friendly websites to its customers. They are having more than five years of experience.
This organization’s main targeted customers are Non-Governmental organizations, Real
Estate, Plastic, and Solar Industries.



The Pointer is the fastest growing IT Agency based in Ottawa, Canada. They assist
clients in identifying the dos and don’ts that address both short-term challenges and long-
term creation. Hiring the Pointer team is like you are hiring designers, developers,
business consultants, a marketing leader, and a product manager. The Pointer is highly
recommended if you are looking for website designing on Shopify.



Symetris is a web development company located in Quebec, Canada.IT was founded in
2004, Symetris has a team of more than 18 that specializes in mobile apps, web
development, android, e-commerce development, UX/UI design, and AI &ML. Symetris
has a stronghold in the health care department.



BRANDLUME INC. is an efficient custom software development company offering the
best mobile and web development services worldwide. It has a team and consultants of
PHP and JavaScript developers. This firm is based in Toronto, with another location in
Vaughan, Canada.



Havas Canada is a serving affordable and efficient web development service organization
located in Montreal, Canada, with another Toronto office. It has a dominant name in the
web development services industry, offering excellent websites and having more than
100 Experts in Web development.


9- Yuup (Best Web Design in Edmonton)

yuup Edmonton Web Design

Yuup.ca customer base covers a wide range of businesses. They have developed and
streamlined websites in Edmonton for large companies and individuals like the music industry, singers,
bands, etc., giving each entity a unique look and feel. For each business, they have
designed a look that suits the respective sector the best. The Company is located in
Edmonton, Canada, having a team of more than eight experts.



Nufuzion design is a leading custom software and web development company serving
clients for 18+ years. This Company’s portfolio gives the impression they are the master
of web design in the food and beverage industry. The Agency is located in Kenora,

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