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We are a talented SEO agency that helps Vancouver businesses improve their rankings in organic search results. We also offer search engine optimization for companies in the major cities of Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, and Edmonton. For Vancouver ecommerce SEO solution, our search engine optimization experts typically improve websites in WooCommerceBigCommerce and Shopify. For other Vancouver websites, our SEO team often improves websites in WordPressMagento and Laravel.

There are many SEO experts claiming to be experts in Vancouver SEO. The team at SEO Expert Canada makes this claim, but we can back it up by asking how you found our website when looking for “Vancouver SEO Expert,” or a similar search phrase! Our SEO team can use some of the same local SEO strategies on your website that helped bring you to our website. If you are looking for “Vancouver SEO professionals,” you’ve found the SEO agency that can get you to rank higher!

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The Best SEO Package

To boost your Vancouver SEO campaign, we’ll have a detailed phone call to review your past marketing activities, marketing goals, target audience and current conversion rate. From there, we examine your website for onsite SEO issues, dangerous competitors, and keywords positions which we then compare against your local Vancouver competitors and others across British Columbia. By talking about your SEO goals, analyzing technical SEO metrics from various sources, and using our extensive SEO expertise, we stand out among other British Columbia SEO firms. After this first website analyze, we put together a custom SEO plan that will be a good balance of on page SEO like technical fix, content optimization, landing page, internal linking speed fix, and other services to help increase your website’s ranking and fit in your allocated monthly SEO budget. For aggressive Vancouver SEO campaigns, we often recommend setting up paid advertising (Google & Facebook) to drive immediate traffic to your website to test conversion funnels while continuing the Organic SEO campaign

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We’d love to join forces with you to discuss Vancouver SEO, web design or to hear your new startup idea.

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The Best Vancouver SEO Professionals

Most Vancouver SEO experts try to hide their methods and tactics when defining what they will do for your Vancouver website, but search engine optimization SEO practices that operate throughout Vancouver aren’t a complete enigma. The best Vancouver search engine optimization and internet marketing involves number of factors, but the most obvious shortcomings relate to improving website content, increasing website acceleration, building inbound links and fixing onsite problems. The major search engines like Google are huge corporations that aren’t going to be tricked by keyword stuffing, invisible paragraphs and other SEO tricks that worked decades ago. If you want to be found in Vancouver search results for the keywords and phrases relevant to your Vancouver business, then you need to give search engines and Google a good reason to want to include you in their Vancouver search results. Our specialists will help you discover how to get listed higher in search engines for the keywords and phrases crucial to your Vancouver business or institution.

Vancouver Content Writing

A lot of the Vancouver company owners we talk to don’t understand the significance of website content, which is greatest explained by looking at what goals a Organic SEO goals attempts to achieve. The utility of a search engine is to help people throughout Vancouver and beyond start a search for products, services or restaurant and find appropriate websites. To repeat, the purpose is to help somebody performing a search, not to help Vancouver businesses be found. When a search engine crawls your Vancouver website, it will scan through your content to decide which search phrases your website will be relevant to for its Vancouver users. If your site links to external websites to describe what you offer throughout Vancouver or has low word count, duplicate content, hidden content or bad grammar then Google will likely determine your website as not interesting to its Vancouver, British Columbia customers. Our experts can help you improve your Vancouver company’s website content by discovering the keywords your website is needing, writing different content, building better landing pages and much more!

  • Fix Duplicate Content Problems
  • Create Better Landing Pages
  • Perform A/B Testing
  • Compose appealing Titles & Descriptions
  • Find Missed Keyword Opportunities
  • internet marketing

Vancouver Page Speed Optimization

As mentioned ahead, the purpose of a search engine is to support people in Vancouver and beyond find websites related to their search queries. That extends to make sure the recommended websites will load relatively quickly, regardless if they are hosted in Vancouver or even much further away. If your Vancouver website is being stalled by unnecessarily multiple database queries, a overloaded wordpress theme, unoptimized images, conflicting plugins or any number of other factors, then you may see a drop in search placements throughout Vancouver and beyond. We have specialists that can assess your website’s speed issues and work with you to improve the speed of your website locally within Vancouver and nationwide.

  • Image Optimization
  • Use of CDN (Content deliveries network)
  • Full Page Caching
  • Query Optimization
  • WordPress Themes and plugins Cleanup

Vancouver Link Building

Off-Page SEO is another critical factor in search placement and covers the number of quality backlinks links pointing to your website from worldwide websites and other Vancouver businesses or companies. Search engines look at the amount of quality inbound links your Vancouver website has to determine its reputation, trust and authority. The process of creating quality inbound links is likely the most challenging and time-consuming part of Vancouver SEO services. That being said, our staff of experts have experience helping Vancouver customers produce quality inbound links through e-commerce affiliate programs, references in news articles, directory insertions, expert review websites and many other Vancouver inbound linking opportunities.

  • Research Backlinks Opportunities
  • Track & Remove Toxic Links
  • Competitor Link Audit
  • Building Domain Trust

Vancouver Technical Audit Fixes

There are various types of onsite website issues that can negatively impact your search position throughout Vancouver and beyond. For example, starting a new website for your Vancouver business or company without creating a proper 301 redirects can lead to your local Vancouver visitors and British Columbia visitors, seeing 404 error pages which will lead to search engines dropping your search rank and organic traffic. Even bad page titles or missing meta descriptions, duplicate content issues and mobile experience issues can negatively affect your Vancouver SEO rankings. Our crew can add your Vancouver website to our automatic scanning system to monitor for onsite issues and alert our specialists to have them corrected.

  • 301 Redirects & Canonical URLs
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • Structured Data (Schema)
  • Fix Broken CSS
  • Improve Mobile Experience
  • Fix Core Web Vital
  • Cumulative Layout Shifts

SEO and Digital Marketing Help in Vancouver

SEO Expert Canada offers the best SEO Solution in Vancouver.  We stand at the top of others because of our affordable services to all types and sizes of businesses and organizations.  Clients choose our company because of the uniqueness of our Digital marketing to grow their businesses organically.  We aim to offer result-oriented services, thus our experts listen to your business needs to ensure we provide fully customized results


Our guarantee to all our clients is improved ranking and better results with our SEO help in Vancouver. We are honest and transparent in our work, so we never give 100 percent guarantee.  We have designed our services in which you pay a fixed monthly fee, and you make any other payment only if your website improves its ranking because this is the only way you get value for your investment.  With the level of expertise and vast experience, we are confident that our SEO work will definitely improve your website ranking.  With our Vancouver SEO help, you get a good return on your investment.

Apply a friendly approach

At SEO Expert Canada, we ensure you not only get the best results, but also a positive working experience with us. Therefore, our experts work closely with you to ensure that your specific business SEO needs are attained effectively.  We interact and know your specific business requirements. After understanding your business needs, we carry out a thorough analysis and understand your business and the competition in the market. The information we gain helps us create an actionable SEO plan and provide an estimated time you expect to get the desired results. From there, we start working on this plan to help your business grow with our Affordable SEO Plan in Vancouver.

Local SEO Boost to get more Calls, Sales and Leads

We provide local SEO boost to optimize your business depending on the area you operate. Besides, we also help in optimizing your Google my Business listing for higher rankings.  Local SEO is trending in modern times whereby local businesses enjoy good lead. Thus, if you are looking for the best local SEO in British Columbia, you can trust us to offer the best.

Result oriented SEO improvement 

Unlike most other SEO companies in Vancouver, we offer more result-oriented SEO Package. Our team of SEO experts is fully committed and dedicated to offering only the best results based on your business needs and situations. Our SEO Agency, over-deliver for all our clients. So, if you entrust your business SEO monthly plan with us, we offer perfect results that go beyond your expectations.

Personalized SEO solutions

We provide personalized SEO solutions to all our clients in Vancouver. Our company keeps up with the latest and advanced strategies. As Google algorithms change, we also move along with these changes to ensure your business is at the top. To keep you updated, we offer regular reports so that you can see and measure the results on a monthly basis.  We also maintain high standards by attracting high converting and targeted traffic to your business site for increased sales and revenue.

For the best SEO Helps in British Columbia, contact us anytime and you will be happy with our results.