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North Side Cannabis

If you are not aware of the latest innovation to cannabis, you might be thinking several questions about cannabis, rolls, wax, flowers, vaporizers, etc. Whether you smoke or not or looking to have a good time, you might be wondering about some fantastic shops that sell cannabis at affordable rates.

North Side Cannabis has all the answers to your questions.

Cannabis is a substance that remains in the body for a long time after consumption, so it is imperative to have proper knowledge before consuming. Each product sold at North Side has a drug test report. Apart from product, other factors like your age, weed product, type of cannabis also play a crucial role in affecting your body and mind.

However, North Side Cannabis is known for quality products, low shipping fees, and an immediate refund policy. North Side Cannabis is the most significant cannabis maker group in Canada. Some of the  highest selling products of north side cannabis are


 It is the extract made by the flower of the Cannabis plant. When the flower is cut down, the flower is crushed within 24 hours to make the resin. It doesn’t require any cold storage. It is the most exemplary harvest culture of our farms that make terpene-rich products.


The unique way to get high is by lighting up rolls, joints with cannabis flowers. Flowers are the actual marijuana if they are appropriately dried. The smell, the taste are sufficient to have a fun time solo or with friends.


Concentrates is a product that has been in the market for a long time, but due to lack of taste and development, concentrate demand is limited. But we have come up with something special like when concentrates are mixed with ice water, making ice wax, budder, crumble, etc. The products are classic, but the method of smoking is at the next level. It can also be used in pens, vessels, bowls, joints.

It is the choice of every individual and depends on the mood what to buy.

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