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Want to Look and Feel Your Best with BoomGen Smoothie?

BoomGen Health and Wellness Co. is a passion-driven start-up that aims to connect those 50+ with real food smoothies, medicinal teas and other resources designed to enhance overall health and wellness.  Founded and built by Randy (Baby boomer) and Heather (GenXer), BoomGen aims to fill a gap in the nutritional, whole food space.  Our sole purpose is to bring products and resources to market specially formulated for those over 50 to help you feel and look your best.  BoomGen Health and Wellness Co. offers a line of superfood smoothies and traditional, medicinal teas, each carefully crafted and packed by hand, made to order.  We also offer a line of flower essence remedies to gently restore balance to the body and mind.  Nutritional consulting is available if you are looking for extra guidance and resources


Over time, poor nutrition, stress, medications and environmental stressors can deplete the body of important nutrients.  We want to make it easy to feel good.  This isn’t about a specific diet.  This is about refueling your cells with real, whole food smoothies and traditional, medicinal teas that help you replenish, refuel and recharge.  And at the end of the day, relax and rejuvenate.  

We want to be the best and easiest decision you make each day for your health.  


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