August 4, 2020

Wedding dress rentals in Chilliwack


The economy’s in a down-turn, fresh brides – and some not-so-young brides – are besieged by college expenses. So many of us are on severe budgets that can make planning a wonderful wedding more stressful than it demands to be. You’re possibly on such a budget and want to spend more on the reception, cameraman, or vacation than on the dress. Or maybe you can’t make any sense out of paying a lot to buy a wedding dress., you’ll only wear once. Besides budgetary affairs, some brides worry about having to find the place to store any dress they actually purchase and have to do the work to protect it. If any of these represent your situation, we can help. There are many significant advantages to wedding dress rental than other options you have, so if this is the best option for you, continue reading to learn more about it. You’ll immediately find that we provide the best rental options in Chilliwack, Vancouver, Lower Mainland and Surrounding area


Just like grooms have been renting tuxedos for several years now – handsome and high-end tuxes, such as Versace, Armani – several brides need to have that same fair opportunity. lot brides are opting for rentals that wedding dress rental is on trend right now, so if you’re thinking about renting, don’t believe you are just alone in the world.

And don’t think that renting a dress for your wedding implies you’ll have to resign yourself to wearing a dress that “looks cheap.” It doesn’t mean you can’t be picky and discerning that you won’t be capable of wearing a dress that seems to have been created just for you. If you’ve been looking through bridal brochures and have a specific, very unique dress in mind, come speak to us, we may well have that very dress – or one just like it setting for you, and be able to offer it to you in a way that suits your budget, allowing you to spend more on your dream honeymoon or wedding dinner – or pay off those student credits. We will make the edit needed so that the dress will fit your unique body perfectly, and we promise you’ll look great. Come visit our Chilliwack wedding dress rental boutique and let us help you find that perfect dress. 


If you’re now ready to start your quest for the perfect wedding dress of your dreams, you’ll find our Vero Amore Bridal Boutique in Chilliwack.

You can contact us by phone at 604-970-0680


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