July 21, 2020

WordPress Security

WordPress Security

SEO Expert Canada provides WordPress security to ensure your website is at the top and running. Our team takes care of and protects your WordPress from initial installation, designing, updates, and running. We strongly believe that your business can attain more when your WordPress website runs smoothly without issues that compromise its safety. We assure your website security and allow you to put more effort into your core business tasks. Our team helps your website work at its top level without errors, and in case of attacks, we handle any issue promptly to prevent malfunction of the site.

Apply latest WordPress security features

At SEO Expert Canada, WordPress problems can occur anytime without expectations and cause severe problems to your business. Therefore, we strive to offer 24/7 security using different features that make it hard for a virus to attack or any other kind of hacking. We offer different types of plugins that ensure your website is running without its safety being compromised. Besides, we have various security plans, so you choose a plan that suits your specific situations or business budget. All our programs are affordable, so you never strain your account. You can have full confidence knowing that your WordPress security is guaranteed because it runs by a professional team with a proven record. For all the websites we provide protection, none has ever been attacked or hacked.

Provide frequent backups 

To boost the safety of your WordPress site, we provide daily backups on your safe cloud storage. In case of any issue that occurs, we are proud to have a core database and files stored remotely to allow easy access and fast click backup.

Give secure passwords 

Our team takes time to complete a complete manual audit of user names to ensure no bot can access through any form of attack. Besides, we advise all our clients to use strong passwords that are hard for anyone to detect.

Day to day malware scanning 

We ensure that we automatically scan your WordPress website for existing or new malware, potential back doors, or malicious codes. In case we detect something during the scanning process, our experts do the instant repair for all files that might hack.

SSL Certificate Installation 

At SEO Expert Canada, we help in doing SSL certificate installation. Your website URL begins with https, and all the data on your WordPress website is encrypted, and all your site visitors feel safe as they browse your content.

Database protection 

Our competent team helps secure your database from any form of SQL injection attacks. These attacks usually bring in unwanted content via the DB. We are completely sincere to ensure that such common WordPress site attacks do not happen.

Regular monitoring

We offer regular monitoring of your WordPress website to detect any hacking attempts. We respond to any security issue fast and boost security depending on your site's threat level.

At SEO Expert Canada, we also enhance your WordPress website's security by installing firewalls, IP tracking, providing weekly reports, blocking all fake Google crawlers, and performing daily data optimization.

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