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WordPress vs Squarespace: The battle of the Content Management Systems

WordPress vs Squarespace are popular site builders that make it easy for you to design a website without applying technical or programming skills. Let’s compare both of them so that you can find the one that is appropriate for your website development.

Using WordPress vs Squarespace

If you do not have knowledge of CSS, HTML and other code-related issues, you need a builder that is easy to use. Despite that it is easy to use WordPress, some learning is required. You should get familiar with some of its concepts and terminologies like the distinctions between pages vs posts, understanding plugins and themes, tags vs categories and others.  WordPress content editor is easy to use and has custom blocks that make it easy for you to develop elegant layouts using media-rich content.

Squarespace unlike WordPress does not have a lot of options, making it easy and simple to use. Even if you are a starter it makes it easy for you to write content fast and publish.  It utilizes a block editor like the one used in WordPress. It makes it easier to add videos, images and audio files than WordPress. You also get a myriad of content blocks and other layout control choices in the editor. It also gives you an opportunity to customize pages and templates with its visual editor.

WordPress vs Squarespace


WordPress is a free web building platform with a GPL license that offers you control and freedom. To develop a site with WordPress, you should register a domain and sign up for web hosting account.  Depending on your requirements, you can have shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting or VP hosting.  The cost is determined by the hosting plan you choose and the provider you work with. Its overall cost is low.

Squarespace shared hosting is costlier compared to WordPress. It also has a personal plan that has a few features and you cannot sell products on it and you only add two contributors. Overall, WordPress is less costly compared to Squarespace.

Templates and design

Both of them have ready-made design tools and templates that make it easy for you to develop a customized website. WordPress has thousands of paid and free website templates. The templates are easy to customize, meaning you can use your own colors, logo, upload photos, and many more options. Its themes come with several layout options, sliders, galleries, drag and drop page builders, and several other features.

Squarespace also has ready-made site templates organized neatly into several categories. You also get themes for all popular site categories, with perfect designs that look great in all devices.  However, it has limited pre-made templates. In addition, there is also a small number of design options.  It has themes with a few layout options available on each template. The templates are less customizable compared to WordPress.


WordPress has a high number of robust plugins. On the other hand, Squarespace has fewer extensions and other integrations. You can add third-party plugins, but unlike in WordPress, there are no strong APIs for you to build on.