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WordPress Vs Weebly- Major Differences

If you are considering WordPress vs Weebly for your website development, it is good to note some of their major differences so that you can make an informed choice. However, despite of the differences explained below, you need to know that both can still help develop a website that can help your business rank at the top of Google rankings. Below are the major differences.

When it comes to how it is easy to use them, Weebly tends to be friendlier since no coding is required. It has a drag and drop editor that is easy to use and the support provided is immense in case you have problems. However, it is not easy to customize your website as it happens with WordPress. You can develop a website on Weebly for free, but you can still upgrade to paid plans that allow you make use of extra features such as marketing and eCommerce tools.

WordPress provides you full control over your website design. Compared to Weebly, it requires some coding skills to use effectively. This means you may be required to hire a developer if you do not have the coding skills. It is a free platform, but have to pay for hosting, themes and plugins.

It is possible to edit CSS & HTML codes to your Weebly site. This means you can customize your web design to a great extent. Note that it is a closed source website builder, making it impossible to control the functionality of some of its tools. If you have some coding skills, you can still have some control over your website design. No need to worry in case one of the tools fails to work, since Weebly manages and controls the platform. Weebly support is available on 24/7 basis, so instant help is provided in case of any problem.

WordPress is an open platform that gives you a lot of freedom to change your website and the functionality of your tools. Besides, you have full freedom on the codes, so you can work on them if you have the skills. There are a myriad of free plugins provided, therefore you can have more tools added on your site. However, not all these plugins are well developed, meaning if you use those that are bad your website security may be compromised.

WordPress Vs Weebly

Weebly is the easiest website builder and is easier to use compared to WordPress. Since it is a drag and drop site creator, it makes it easy for you to drag your content and move them without the coding skills needed. Its tools are more intuitive, but in case you need help, it is always provided.
WordPress is a bit challenging to understand how to use. It is not a drag and drop builder, so the easiness of placing your content is determined by the design template you select. In case you want to change the template format, you should modify the codes to the template or hire a professional coder to help in the process.