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You have a nice website? But whatever you don’t have any phone call or email, because your site dosen’t have any organic traffic. SEO Expert Canada are a team of search engine optimization (SEO) Expert in Canada that already helped over 2000 other canadian business since 1999 to get found on Google and other search Engine. If you site strugeling to have visitors you really need to call us right now and a SEO Expert will find teh best way to help you to reach your goals!


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David, Founder

Good quality work for great value. If you want to get something done properly and cost effective, Marc is your guy! Thank you so much Marc your know search engine optimization very well!

Lisa, Consultant

I use SEO Expert Canada search engine optimization services for my seo campaign and Marc did a wonderful job for my Remax Sub-website. I recommend him. My inquiry increase by 20% in few month and only Organic Lead no paid Ads.

Samual, CEO

I paid $175 per month to a US Based SEO Agency for over 3 years, never see any results. I paid Marc 1 time $800 I’m in page 1 with my targeted keyword after 3 week ! You are terrific Marc! Best search engine optimization SEO services i ever tried!

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Website Audit & SEO Evaluation

A severe analysis from the ground up from design infrastructure to the Content, profile, brand strength and much more.

Inclusive Keyword Research

The most crucial step in SEO service, our keyword research is exhaustive and concentrates on “conversion keywords” that produce leads.

SEO Competitor Analysis

We drive an exhaustive study of competitors in order to recognize new link building & marketing possibilities.We can Help with Local SEO or Canada Wide search engine optimization

Detailed Back-link Inspection

We look at ALL links created for a website in order to discover their value and remove bad, spammy links.

Link-building Services

We establish links on trustworthy sites that sequentially link back to your website, leveraging their reliability and increasing SEO. We find the seo strategies for your website.

Content Creation & Marketing

Top-notch llocal SEO optimized Content (blogs, articles, press releases, social media posts, and more) that Boost Google rankings.

Below is a standard task timeline of an SEO campaign.


Professional SEO Audit

Here, a comprehensive analysis is conducted that puts your site through various of intense tests, identifying possible problems and other on-page critical issues.

Promotional Content

Depending on the SEO Services bundle you signed up for, you get articles, blogs, social media posts, infographics, videos, and more.


Content Creation

Once you accept these suggested topics, our authors create keyword-optimized Content using trustworthy links and resources after thorough product and industry analysis.

Weekly Activity Sheets

This is a statement that describes all-action postings, backlinking profiles, competitor analysis, company profile listing in Directory, and strategies accomplished on your website during the week for search engine optimization.


Weekly Ranking Sheets

This detailed document report all improvement on your website, the performance and ranking of your targeted keywords, the natural traffic on your website, conversion rate, page speed, bounce rate, future recommendations and more.

Completion Report

We then throw in an in-depth, comprehensive completion report describing the progress of your website along with suggestions for the next cycle.

As we all know, the process by which the traffic is increase on the website both qualitatively and quantitatively is known as SEO. So how long the SEO takes, which is dependent on a large number of factors.

The competition plays a very important role in determining How long SEO takes
How long SEO takes depends a lot on the competition. Suppose Your webpage is there and a lot of other web pages are your competitors, then you will take more time to be on top as compared to the situation when your webpage is in less competition. Web pages that are top-ranked some of them are using SEO professionals to make their webpages on the top. So, you will face some difficulties in competition with those webpages, but with proper strategy and time plan, you can do that.


Having proper content is also a very important factor to determine how long SEO takes
If you are posting regularly, but your content is not good, then your website will not be a well-ranked website. Quality actually matters very much. So posting good content will increase your chance to be in the top-ranked web page. You should also post articles or content regularly on your webpage. So, you should maintain your web page properly by posting content and many more for increasing the chance to be in top web pages.

Link building is critical for Local SEO and target audience.

Inbound links Also play a very important factor in determining how long SEO takes
If links are there in your content, then it increases the chance of being in top-ranked web pages. It is not advised that the more number of links you will put in your content, the higher is the chance to be in top-ranked web pages. If you are putting some low-quality links in bulk number and you are putting a few high-quality links, then the webpage on which high-quality links are placed will have more chances to be in top-ranked web pages. So you should always focus on the quality, not on the quantity. and target audience that indeed look for your services.

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Organic search engine optimization in Canada is the free section of Google’s search results pages, which is created based on ranking factors. The sector of search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on it.


Professional SEO Services

When we talk about the organic search, we mean that part of Google searches for which it is not possible to buy placements. In fact, Google wants to show the websites that correspond as closely as possible to the user’s request (query).

Its operation is explained in detail on the following page, where you will find a lot of information regarding the procedures that take place before and during the creation of a results page:

Experienced SEO consultant, it is important for me to properly register my recommendations in the development strategy of the site I am responsible for. It is, therefore, necessary to privilege a close and regular contact, as well as a good implementation of the recommended optimizations.
As such, SEO training for technical teams (see also SEO High-Level training) and editorial teams are available, provided by a senior SEO Expert consultant to transfer these skills within the company and ensure a better acceptance of the constraints of natural referencing internally (SEO is often misunderstood or just badly taken … ).

The SEO consultant delivers an implementation tracking system for dialogue and organization. He orders recommendations based on priorities: the most important optimizations for natural referencing, at least important. This allows customers to organize the implementation work of the recommendations.
Finally, once the implementation of optimizations, support continues by making a few changes in “fine-tuning” and working on the development of new topics, pages or features within customer sites.
I hope that these explanations of how I conceive the job of SEO Expert will have convinced you that we must work together. I favor relationships of trust and confidentiality, and the success of my clients on search engines is my priority.

SEO Strategy
Opt for an efficient and long-term acquisition strategy
Qualify your traffic to increase your conversions
Integrate services and develop your visibility on google news


An SEO Expert is a specialized professional who accompanies you in your strategy of acquiring internet traffic, especially through search engines. It is directly linked to web marketing since organic traffic also depends on the digital communication strategy and search engine optimization  implemented on a website.


The basic technical skills of an SEO Consultant are:
-Mastery of search engine ranking algorithms
-HTML / CSS / PHP / XML: the languages used to display web pages
Server-side programming languages (PHP, ASP, Python, Ruby …)
-Knowledge in the configuration of a web server (including Apache)
-Databases (MyPHP,MySQL)
-Web Analytics (Google Analytics, Comscore, AT Internet, etc.)
-Knowledge of the most common CMS (WordPress, Drupal, EZ, Typo3, etc.)
-Communication Web (partnerships, PR)
-performance of the SEO in Canada service. These skills are acquired through experiences.
Opt for an efficient and long-term acquisition strategy.


The salary of average SEO Expert consultants in Canada depends directly on their skills, their seniority but also their potential.

Depending on the type of employer (SEO agency or SEO guy), salaries can be around $2,000 for a junior consultant and rise depending on the experience around $10,000 per month.

Several studies are carried out each year to evaluate the average salary of an search engine optimization SEO consultant in Vancouver as in the other cities of Canada.


For every customer who already has a website and wants to improve its visitor acquisition cost, the SEO Expert Canada consultant conducts a thorough audit to determine the SEO actions already undertaken, potential and blocking factors.

This internet referencing audit is organized around several axes, among which are analyzed:

On-site criteria (criteria internal to the site)
Off-site criteria (criteria external to the site)
Detection of filters or penalties

Link building Services
The difficulty of putting in place recommendations
Free Tool to Do your First Step in Local SEO Audit


Making a web page in the top rank is not an easy thing. It is possible that you can do it within a week, or even it can take months or years. These things depend upon the other competitors that you are facing. If very few competitors are there, then you will easily get your web page in the top-ranked web pages. If high competition is there, then you can even take several months to several years. You may need to improve your link building to improve your Local SEO

Our SEO Company can help with Local SEO and Canada wide SEO.

By improving the natural positioning (or organic SEO the positioning of a website, if you like), we mean the increase in visibility on the search engine among the non-paid results.

The search engines have now become consolidated as a link between the internet user who searches for certain goods, services or information and the user who has that resource and wants to offer it online.

Non-optimized and not positioned content is lost in an immense network such as the web and therefore organic positioning strategies on search engines become vital for the visibility of a site.

When a user conducts a search engine search, they will be offered a series of organic or sponsored results.

Sponsored results are advertising spaces purchased by companies through keyword advertising, while organic results are the natural positions of research.

In these cases, the content is found in that position in a completely natural way and without costs because, after the necessary analysis, the search engine considers that page as relevant and useful for the user’s research.

After performing an SEO audit, the SEO consultant understands the Crucial points.
then focuses on the production of recommendations to improve the SEO of the site (it’s ranking in the search engines). The challenge of the SEO Expert Canada consultant is to increase the share of traffic from search engines on a set of keywords belonging to the different themes addressed by the site, without using the sponsored links (Search Engine Advertising).

SEO Expert Canada is a specialist business, constantly monitoring the latest developments in engines and best practices of SEO, since they also have to change over the months, like everything in the computer, at the discretion of search engine algorithms.

Since 2006, I work in the world of the Internet digital marketing and or  professional seo has instantly become a passion. This passion drives me to be a better SEO Expert every day, a reliable expert, able to manage SEO projects from start to finish, whatever the challenge or lever to activate (Backlink, e-reputation, semantic optimization, strategy content, link building etc.). After working on my personal sites (which I still use as a laboratory), I became Head of Natural SEO in a Montreal SEO agency where I managed several high-level SEO Expert Canada consultants. I then created my company to support my clients in their long-term organic traffic acquisition campaign, in Vancouver and Anywhere in Canada, as a senior consultant and trainer.


An search engine optimization Local SEO agency is a structure composed of several employees having the status of SEO Expert Canada consultant, who are in charge of several clients and must manage the visibility on the search engines.
The services commonly offered are identical to those of a freelance SEO Consultant, but with the ability to exploit the specialties of each.


For some very important search engine optimization projects it is necessary to work as a team, each taking on a set of defined tasks.
In this case an Local SEO project manager is appointed and provides the interface with the customer or the project manager in charge of the technique.


Even from a totally economic point of view, improving natural organic positioning on search engines is much cheaper than pay per click. The pay per click advertising campaigns allow you to purchase keywords to place “sponsored links” in the highest part of the SERP.

They allow you to reach, by making available a certain budget, immediate visibility on the search engine, making you appear among the privileged positions of the SERP.

Visibility ends when you run out of budget. Improving natural positioning, on the other hand, requires more time and many more skills than a pay per click advertising campaign but offers long-term benefits without the need to use forms of paid advertising. With natural positioning, you will get quality traffic on your site. Organic search engine optimization is the best and our Local SEO Company can help your with that!

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